Friday, September 10, 2010


I've recently heard of a new form of currency called Bitcoins. They are a P2P based currency that is mostly decentralized. It's actually surprisingly gaining hold recently, the value of a Bitcoin has jumped up quite a bit this year. Depending on your processor, you can gain some bitcoins everyday. The technology behind Bitcoins is pretty fascinating (although I don't really understand how parts of it work)! Oh, also, all transactions are anonymous and free! So you can give someone 10 bitcoins without having to pay 11 or so!

Here's a few links
The main site:
Sites that accept bitcoins:
Free 0.05 bitcoins per day:


PS: Incase you want to give me some bitcoins, my address is: 1NqGRfG2JhgpYJX4vBh4rPAnaKimtznefp


  1. Hm, what exactly is the exchange rate for this currency? Would it be worth your time?

  2. It's pretty low.
    In 5 days, I would have made about $0.03.

  3. hmm.
    this is interesting.
    too bad i can't sit and read all these bit coin sites right now.
    but i'll check back in the morning.

  4. Woah never heard of this currency before!