Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have never really fallen in love with a scripting language.

After using PHP for about a year, I decided to just test out other languages. I tend to prefer programming languages, like C or C++; but Perl is a amazing.

I don't know why, but Perl is so fucking easy; I'm pretty sure that it's even easier than PHP. Yeah, I've been using Perl for only about 10 minutes, but it's actually pretty fun to use it.

The fact that I can use a similar syntax to PHP makes me nearly orgasm. And, there's automatic typecasting just like PHP (I don't know the proper name to call it), like I can do:
$tmp = "123"

and $tmp will be typecasted into an int as 124.

And... even more, there's for/foreach, arrays, and OOP, as well as namespaces (I KNOW, RIGHT!!) in Perl!

I REALLY want to start using mod_perl for Apache, and maybe start using OOP with perl, but I'm so tired and I'll probably do it tomorrow morning when I get a chance! I can just feel the requests per second increasing...

Then again, I want to try out using Python, but it's syntax looks really ugly... When I see a sample of Python, it makes me want to cringe. It just looks... bleh. It reminds me too much of the "older" languages. But, who knows; maybe I will get attached to Python one day.


  1. I agree with Jessi....I have absolutely nothing constructive to say about coding languages lol. I learned HTML in grade 6 and stopped there.

  2. Perl? Really? Everyone tells me that Perl is horrible and difficult and that you should learn C++ instead.

    Then again, I'm learning Python at the moment so what do I know. :P

  3. Python is supposed to be a very elegant language. Getting rid of a lot of dots, commas and brackets and all.

    I have not tried it myself. My school keeps forcing us to do stuff in PHP and Java/C# and I don't really have that much time (and guts) to experiment with other languages myself.